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The hottest takes the Overton Window can handle—and then some.

If you’ve been clawing at your eyes in frustration over milquetoast, housebroken, and, well, frankly lame “conservative” commentary, you’ve come to the right place (and sorry about your eyes; I think Obamacare covers that—but only if you’re a BIPOC).

Take two minutes to search me on DuckDuckGo (take that, Big Tech!), and you’ll quickly realize that I don’t care one whit what the ruling class thinks of me. I’ve always said what I believe to be true, and I’ll do that here, too—cancel culture be damned. Some feelings will surely get hurt; so be it. As one of our regime’s (beautiful! talented! brave!) priestesses elegantly screams, “Truth Hurts.” Get used to it, sweetie.

Sed Kontra is where you’ll get the hottest takes the Overton Window can handle—and then some.

What’s in a name

The inspiration for this venture is St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae, probably the greatest theological work ever penned. Read it (but first learn how to here). The long and short of it it is that, after a question and various objections, Aquinas would write, Sed contra—“On the contrary”—and offer an argument or observation often in accord with his own views.

That’s what I’m doing here.

The regime’s ruling class daily insists (and this is by no means an exhaustive list) that abortion is “a positive social good” (à la the arch-pro-slavery John C. Calhoun), that men can be women (and vice versa) merely by proclaiming it to be so, and that the devoutly religious (especially when they’re white) are a menace to all that’s good and pure in the world.

To all this I say, with a nod to the “Angelic Doctor” (and a twist on the spelling of my surname): Sed Kontra.

Join me. Tell your friends. Engage.

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Let’s do this. Onward!