Nikole-Hannah Jones Hates You

Hannah-Jones’ interview revealed that she is a thin-skinned racist with a victim-martyr complex who loves socialism and wouldn’t know a fact if it walked up and introduced itself to her.

In a 20-minute video published on YouTube on July 20, Nikole Hannah-Jones—of the “1619 Project” and the UNC-Chapel Hill tenure controversy fame—gave a softball interview to “Black News Tonight’s” Marc Lamont Hill. (I watched it so you wouldn’t have to; you’re welcome.) It’s worth paying close attention to this interview because Hannah-Jones is an important, celebrated figure of the modern Left, and the things she says offer some insight into our current moment.

In response to the first question from an adoring, slobbering Hill—“What do you make of the assaults on . . . not just your work but your character, your intelligence, your integrity, and [how] the Right has just been beating up on you for months now? . . . Why now?”—Hannah-Jones engaged in a bit of throat clearing about how she’s been doing 1619-type work on racial inequality for “20 years.” She then says,

I think what was so unsettling about the ‘1619 Project’ was to have a project that became very popular that really tried to unsettle this established narrative about American exceptionalism, this idea that we were a nation founded on freedom, that was really marking our origins not with 1776 and the Declaration but with 1619 and the introduction of African slavery into the colonies. And so I think that this has become clearly part of the culture wars, and the ‘1619 Project’ is being used as a tool to stoke white resentment. . . . And I am the black woman who got this project published in the New York Times. I don’t think I’m the image of what someone expects a New York Times reporter to look like or to comport herself, so I think I’ve just become a target and [a] symbol in the culture wars.

As the kids say, there’s a lot to unpack there.

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